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This Maytag meat grinder is the oldest that I have found. It was used on the very early wringer washers.
The grinder itself does not have the Maytag name on it like the later meat grinders have. As far as I can determine the grinder itself was a regular one that anyone could purchase. The mounting plate that the grinder is connected to was aluminum on almost all of these types of grinders. The grinder in the picture has a stamped steel base that was used prior to the aluminum base we believe.
After talking with some other collectors we determined that the aluminum bases were manufactured to reduce the cost of the base. Since Maytag had a foundry maybe they were manufactured at Maytag's plant. To date this is the only meat grinder I have seen with the stamped steel base. This leads me to believe that this is one of the first grinders manufactured for the aluminum square tub washers.

1920's Maytag Meat Grinder (Steel Base)
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Maytag Meat Grinder For Model 30-31 Washer
This meat grinder would fit on the wringer post of the model 30-31 Maytag washers. It would have been the second style of grinder made by Maytag.

Maytag Meat Grinder For The Model 32-33 Washer
This was the last of the three different grinders manufactured by Maytag. The only difference between the grinder for the model 30-31 and the model for the 32-33 was the wringer post assembly and the mount. The grinder used on the model 32-33 washer is a bit harder to find than the 30-31 model.