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Items from our collection and other interesting Maytag photos

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Model 92 Maytag with bolt on kick pedal

Model 72 long frame twin Maytag

Maytag's don't need much work, but this is your man if it does

Maytag lacquer thinner and paint cans

Maytag loaded in the Model T and ready to go

Your new Maytag's here

Model 82 Maytag

Maytag 1917 upright before

Maytag 1917 upright after

Monitor lawn mower with Maytag twin engine

Household oil cans half pint and two ounce

NOS Maytag needle threader

One of a kind brass name badge worn by Coy Holliday. I have not been able to find another one of these. We assume it is the only one. If anyone has information about a name badge like this I would like to hear about it. See ABOUT PAGE for more on Coy Holliday

Paper label mixing can

Glass oil gallon jug and quart bottle from the 1940's

Great Old Maytag-Mason Automobile 1910-1912

Maytag Household Oil in the very rare glass bottle

Maytag Toy Racer 1936 with June Knight

Maytag 25 Year Supervisor Employee Badge (Left) Maytag Upright Engine With Carburetor On Main Bearing.(Right)

Fred L. Maytag 1851-1937 Founder Of The Maytag Company

Lewis B. Maytag 1888-1967 Son To F.L. Maytag

Maytag Single Cylinder Made From A Model 72 Twin

Elmer H. Maytag 1883-1940 Eldest Son To F.L. Maytag

Fred Maytag ll 1911-1962 Grandson To F.L. Maytag And Son To Elmer Maytag

Another View Of The Single Made From A Twin

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